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We strive to support individuals and their families in their efforts to live well by providing diversified coordinated care, guidance and education that encompasses body, mind and spirit. We promote compassion, collaboration and communication because care is "better together." 

"My mission is for people’s experiences of care to become positive and humanizing. We are all connected in our humanity. What we all do matters. We must practice with purpose."  

Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP Founder of Living Well 

Humanizing health care through compassion, communication and collaboration"



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A short survival guide for Covid-19 isolation, Dr Maria Patriquin MD CCFP FCFP



There is much to be grateful for as we enter a new week with so much fear, confusion and vulnerability. Gratitude may be harder to access than social media would suggest or imply so I am going to help guide you throu…

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A reputable read by Dr. John Lerner MD

While many Americans continue to be in denial about this pandemic you only have to read this plea from a physician on the front lines to understand the gravity of the situation. Life will not be the same post COVID-19!

“Listen to the doctors. Today we had a sobering webinar with input from physic…

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 Summary of the article: Strong coronavirus measures today should only last a few weeks, there shouldn’t be a big peak of infections afterwards, and it can all be done for a reasonable cost to society, saving millions of lives along the way. If we don’t take these measures, tens of millions will be…

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The 2020 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference Jun 5 and 6th Halifax Convention Center

 I am hosting and co-chairing the 2020 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference at the Halifax Convention Center along with my colleagues Drs. Sunderji and Sampali. This conference represents an important contribution towards strengthening our network and community of men…

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Happy New Year

Stress Reduction Class

It's that time again when we verge on the end of a year and envision a new and fresh start to another year to come. Dr. Patriquin's Stress Reduction Class has now run for 8 consecutive years. No diagnosis necessary merely that of being human. Learn how to cultivate more self awareness and identify…

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the Collaborative Working Group for Shared Mental Health Care

Grateful for the seat at a table of like minded advocates and change makers who share an unwavering desire to create meaningful movement to change mental health care in Canada. See and watch out for the 2020 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference that I am ho…

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Forming Canada's federal framework on PTSD. Honored to have a seat at the table. Meaningful change is happening. #NationalPTSDConference

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A drug to prevent 1 in 5 deaths? It’s called ‘food.’ Call to book our dietician Leila Shaw or register for our FOOD IS MEDICINE PROGRAM


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Big picture of health system missing and the new nurses act. An exchange between Living Well's MD and NP

On Apr 11, 2019, at 8:40 PM, Lesley MacGregor my dear colleague, NP now running the INSPIRE program wrote:
Other than Nova Scotia - I have never been required to identify a “collaborating physician” as part of my licensing.  It was a huge hurdle to me 3 years ago when we arrived a…

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