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Stress Reduction Class

It's that time again when we verge on the end of a year and envision a new and fresh start to another year to come. Dr. Patriquin's Stress Reduction Class has now run for 8 consecutive years. No diagnosis necessary merely that of being human. Learn how to cultivate more self awareness and identify unhealthy habitual thinking patterns that lead to unhealthy, avoidant and destructive choices. Learn strategies to deal with difficult and intense thoughts, emotions and physical experiences while building a strong value driven path to a more fulfilled life with less stress. Learn what needs are universal, which are individual and how it is we navigate relationships, workplaces and lives given the complexity and vulnerability that comes with being human. Learn how to set achievable goals, boundaries and to communicate more consciously with clarity and compassion. Harness your strengths, leverage the science of change through neuroplasticity, optimism, resilience and cultivate growth through adversity. Learn to begin to live with more kindness, compassion, connection, purpose and joy. Call to register for January classes. Winter 2020 program postings to follow shortly. 

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