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The 2020 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference Jun 5 and 6th Halifax Convention Center

 I am hosting and co-chairing the 2020 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference at the Halifax Convention Center along with my colleagues Drs. Sunderji and Sampali. This conference represents an important contribution towards strengthening our network and community of mental health care providers here in Nova Scotia and across the country. Collaboration really does cultivate community! A little about the conference:

The Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference aims to advance collaborative practice in mental health care in primary care and community settings. Our scope includes intra- and interprofessional collaboration, as well as collaboration with clients and caregivers. We value multiple forms of knowledge and ‘evidence’ including scientific knowledge, pragmatic knowledge of front-line healthcare providers and administrators, and experiential knowledge of people using mental health services, and throughout the conference, we seek to promote dialogue between these different perspectives.

This year our conference theme addresses "Collaboration Cultivates Community". "Most close-knit communities become that way by sharing beliefs, values and most notably when they collaborate. Collaboration and conciliation enables greater access to resources and presents more opportunities for innovation and evolution of mental health care services. Our professional community requires the cohesiveness engendered by collaboration. As social isolation grows and technology advances, fostering community and identity within communities has become all the more relevant and necessary to our well-being and mental health. Cultivating community requires a growth mindset, which is necessary for successful collaboration, continual change, and adaptation.  We invite you to attend the conference to share your work, experience, and to connect with a diverse community who share a common interest in health services innovation to improve mental health." 


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